[UKN48] 141014 AKBINGO! ep310 Eng Sub


Sorry, we have no Muchaburi Dodgeball release for now.
But, you can get the recipe how to make a food that presented at the screenshot.
Plus, we have presented the verification whether wasabi can be cleared by mayonnaise or not.

Yeah, I warned you, this is NOT an English subtitle release for AKBingo episode 310.
Once again, I warned you!

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DM: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k6luuhbgJeLOiB9Jhte
H!O: http://www.hello-online.org/index.php?app=xbt&CODE=details&torrent=81218
Softsub: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3UKvNfoNzRZYWUzX1VXaWFqQUU/view


Translator : Kim-Kim
Timer : Om
Typesetter : Om
QC : Kashdaddy & Curly Udon
Encoder/Uploader : Om

  • Kazuma Hirata

    Thank’s for not releasing anything 😛

    • Jonas

      They just released this tho?

      • Kazuma Hirata

        They did but I was commenting on what Kim-kim said in their post, but looks like I failed ( ^ _ ^ ;)>

      • Om Coment

        this is not a release :p

  • steve

    no more hd uploads to DM? 🙁

  • Felix

    Thanks for the sub… I been waiting for this 🙂

  • Nakachan

    Thanks for the sub ! Does anyone know by chance the title of the song we hear when the team members picture is shown (like at 11’03) please ?