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EroGG69’s Introduction

Hello everyone!!! My name is Erik but I am known as EroGG69, QC/Assistant Manager of UKN48

I became a fan of the AKB group in 2011 when I was watching Kamen Rider W (I am a huge fan of Tokusatsu) and I was looking for the MV of Love Wars sung by Queen and Elizabeth. When I saw the names of Kasai and Itano Tomomi, I searched their names online and I discovered AKB48. My kami oshi in the group wasn’t Chiyuu or Tomochin (although they are the reason I discovered AKB48 back then) but my heart was captured by Sato Amina. As you can see in the picture above, Amina has been a hard working girl and I have seen her hardships throughout her tenure in AKB. Even though she graduated, she will be always be my kami oshi. Aside from her, I have oshis from the other sister groups like Furuhata Nao, Jonishi Kei, Inoue Yuriya and a lot more ( since I have too many oshimen to type into this introduction post 😉 )

I became a part of UKN48 when they were looking for QCs around April of this year. YeYoH was the one who recruited me and QCed a couple of videos. 2 months after, I was promoted as the Assistant Manager of the group to help Curly Udon to organize projects and releases.

On a final note, I will leave you this qoute from one of the badass villain in video game history, Albert Wesker: “Here I am offering you my precious time and you waste it by running around.”

And there you go! I hope now that everyone has gotten to know me a little bit now 🙂 Please continue to support us and we will do our best in bringing your weekly dose of AKBingo.

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