Eyyo! I typeset for UKN48. I'm new around here so you probably don't know me too much~ Let's see. I'm learning Japanese, my kami-oshi is Paruru, my nogi-oshi is Ikuchan, I'm a budget audiophile, HKT > AKB, and I'm still a highschooler! My native language is English and I live in the United States. またね~

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心のプラカード / Kokoro no Placard (UKN48 Staff ver.)


A release! But not just any release. It’s a special one. You should know that Kokoro no Placard’s release is literally right around the corner. Therefore! For the past few weeks the staff have been sending in clips and I’ve been editing them to make this:

[UKN48] 心のプラカード / Kokoro no Placard (UKN48… by UKN48

Om Coment
Colin / Kou

Edited by IndecisiveWota

心のプラカード (Kokoro no Placard)
Kokoro no Placard


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Staff Introduction: IndecisiveWota

Hey there! My name is IndecisiveWota and I’m a typesetter here at UKN48. I live in the United States. I am half-Filipino and half-Japanese. I’m at the young age of 16 years old. I joined not too long ago actually (as of this post, only about a month ago). I’m really bad at introductions so I don’t really know what to talk about haha.

Anyway, my kami-oshi is Paruru, as you can see from the image, and my nogi-oshi is Ikuchan~ But really, I’m a みんな好きです kind of person.

I got into the 48/46 groups in April when I first saw an episode of Shoujiki Shougi featuring Tanaka Natsumi and Murashige Anna. After that, I binge watched a bunch of AKBingo episodes and finding my very first “favorite” (I didn’t know they were called oshimens at the time), Maeda Atsuko. Then I found out she graduated ;A; Shortly after, I fell in love with Yagami Kumi. Then I found out she graduated ;A; (SERVES ME RIGHT FOR BEING SO LATE TO THE PARTY) After that little fiasco, I started to really study the 48 Group, watching more variety shows besides AKBingo (HKT48 no Odekake, SKE48 Ebisho) and shortly after that, I found my name – IndecisiveWota.

Yuko has such a great personality and smile! But Mayuyu is so adorable! Sasshi is so funny and cool! Bossu is so weird (in a good way)! Ikuchan is so talented! Paruru is so adorable! WHY IS NAKO SO UNBEARABLY CUTE?! Haruppi! Yuihan! Rena! Miki! Tani! Akarin! Churi! Sakura! Milky! Sayaka! I CANT DECIDE

Besides that, I listen to a lot of music such as Shing02, Nujabes, Hidetake Takayama, re:plus, Robert de Boron, Piano Master, Czecho no Republic, Miwa, Swinging Popsicle, The Pillows, etc. I love my pair of Audio Technica ATH-M40x headphones. I play a lot of video games including: osu! (add “Taka-kun” if you want), League of Legends NA Server (name: HKT48), Counter Strike: Global Offensive (Silver Elite cause I’m a scrub), and Runescape. And I am currently studying 日本語.

Well that about wraps it up. I hope you got to know me a little better haha. Don’t worry, I’ll be typesetting something soon. Feel free to add me on any of the games I listed; I don’t mind. Peace, yo!

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