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Staff Introduction: Ixarus

ero everyone~ Ixarus here or everyone calling me Ixa for short.

to start, i meet the boss (PJ) and jonas in halfsan chatroom, then they asked me to join them. at first i hesitated because i’m total noob to japanese language but in the end i applied to UKN48 as a QC

currently live on Jakarta, Indonesia. if not doing idol-related stuff i play dota2 the most nor watching anime/reading manga.

my kami-oshi is Moriyasu Madoka (tbh, i like HKT as the whole groulike papahalf). in other group i like Furuhata Nao, Yoshida Akari and Suzuki Shihori (and special place for Ogisho Shiori)

you can chat with me on twitter: @JengIcal
or check my tumblr: Ixarus-no-Sekai

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