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[MiongSub] AKB48 – Tsubasa wa Iranai (English Subtitles)


Because it’s our first post in 2016, we should start it with Happy New Year! \ :v /

Okay, so let’s start this year with something Miong. Here is Tsubasa wa Iranai with English Subtitles.
We know it’s lame, even we think she doesn’t deserve it, but as long as she is the center, we appreciate it.

Without any further ado, enjoy!

Video Link:

Torrent Link:


Remember to buy the single, Tsubasa wa Iranai, as it is this year’s election single! We’re sure your oshi would greatly appreciate it 😉 Buy Tsubasa wa Iranai on CDJapan here!

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[UKN48] NMB48 – Kataomoi Yori mo Omoide wo… MV (Eng Sub)


Hmm, yeah, well, actually I have no idea what I want to write here.
So, spoiler alert : There is a better thing than unrequited love, loner wolf! \ :v /

Please enjoy this MV, with the cute brat as the center :3

Staff :
Translator : Kim-kim
Timer : Kim-kim, Michael Soares
Typeset : Michael Soares
QC : Curly Udon

Well, maybe I can call these staff as YabushitaSub \ :v /


[UKN48] Kataomoi Yori mo Omoide wo… MV (ENG) by UKN48


You can buy NMB48’s latest single “Must be now” from CDJapan via this link: NMB48 – Must be now

– Kim-kim

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[UKN48] Matsui Jurina Photobook Announcement English Sub


Finally, our little center girl has become a pretty woman, and released her first Photobook titled “Jurina”. While other famous members have released their first photobook after 3-4 years after their debut, “Jurina” is released after 7 years from her debut. This time, once again, we have subbed her photobook annoucement for you. As usual, it includes her thought about her photobook, and the details at the end.

So, please enjoy this video, and quickly grab your copy!

– Kim-kim

DM :

Torrent :

Staff :
Translator/Timer/Typeset/Uploader : Kim-kim
QC : YoonAddicting

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[UKN48] Matsui Rena – 2588 Days (English Subtitle)


Okay, I can’t write much for now. Please just prepare your tissue and watch this Rena’s last song entitled 2588 Days, representing days of she active in SKE48.


Staff :
Translator: Kim-kim
Timer: Kim-kim
QC: KudoShinichi, YoonAddicting
Karaoke Template: pyointa2001

Hardsub : Click Here

[UKN48] Matsui Rena – 2588 Days (English Subtitle) by UKN48

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[UKN48] Young Champion 2015 No. 09 DVD Accessory – Kashiwagi Yuki

Happy birthday, Yukirin!

Well, it’s late, but better late than never. So, we have subbed something to celebrate Yukirin’s birthday. So, please watch and enjoy.

– Kimkimmuchu!

[UKN48] Kashiwagi Yuki Young Champion DVD by UKN48

Staff: PRV48

Note : Don’t worry, no Te-G is included here.
Note again : We swear we subbed something in this video.
The last note : Please keep your hands up while watching this video.

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[LEV48xUKN48] AKB48 Tabi Shoujo ep01 Eng Sub


Have you watched 3 Idiots? Now, you can watch its AKB version.
It’s not like 3 Idiots you watched, but it is literally three idiots taking a journey from some place to other.

Anyway, it’s collaboration with LEV48, an Indonesian Local Subber with amazing abbreviation in their name.
You can look at for more information about them, included subbed videos they did.

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the video, and see every moments those idiots did.

– Kim-kimtapa (not with that chuchuchu!)

[UKN48] AKB48 Tabi Shoujo EP1 (English Subtitles) by UKN48

Staff :
Translator: Masamune (LEV48), BZG (LEV48), Kim-kim
QC: Kashdaddy
Uploader and Encoder: Pervies/YoonAddicting
Timer: Masamune (LEV48)

EDIT: Updated with a new softsub link which fixed a little mistake ^^’

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[UKN48] 150707 AKBingo! – The “Blowing Cockroach” Segment

FOR people who don’t want to see tl;dr post :
The Blowing Cock… Cicada, is in the house, again! We subbed it so you can understand it!


Hi, Internet. It’s Kim-kim here.

So, have you seen two Japanese girls trying to blowing Cockroach? If not, you can see here :

We have a good news, about last Tuesday, that segment is revisited. But, from that news and video (and 9gag), we think that you might get some misunderstanding with what they doing.

Therefore, we have subbed this recent show for you. We hope that you get some knowledge with that (Oh yeah, wise man said that everything in internet is right, and right things can be a knowledge).

So, what are you waiting for? Keep calm and enjoy this blowing video.

[UKN48] AKBINGO 347 “Blowing Cockroach” by UKN48
Ass 😉 :

Thank you very much!

Staff :
Timer/Translator : Kim-kim
Typeset/QC/Upload : Jervies

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[UKN48] Miyawaki Sakura Photobook Announcement English Sub


Hey, hold on! I know our weekly gravure queen, Miyawaki Sakura, is blossoming her first photobook titled “Sakura”, but before flushing your wallet, please see this its announcement video first. It contains her thought about photobook and its detail (price, bonus, and blossom date). So, enjoy the video and quick order your copy!

– KimKimTapa

Yo minna! Pervies here, techno difficulties are resolved! Enjoy!

– Pervies

[UKN48] Sakura PB English Sub by UKN48
Brought to you by our wonderful Perv staff:

Translation/Timing/Typeset : KimKimTapa
QC/Upload : Pervies

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[UKN48] 141014 AKBINGO! ep310 Eng Sub


Sorry, we have no Muchaburi Dodgeball release for now.
But, you can get the recipe how to make a food that presented at the screenshot.
Plus, we have presented the verification whether wasabi can be cleared by mayonnaise or not.

Yeah, I warned you, this is NOT an English subtitle release for AKBingo episode 310.
Once again, I warned you!

From January 1st to January 3rd, CDJapan are having their yearly new years sale. And this year there are some really great deals, such as NMB48’s album from this year, SKE48’s brand new single released on December 10th, DIVA’s album and many more! All 50% off for those 3 days, but you will have to be quick, because when it is out of stock, it is no longer discounted.
Go to the link below to see which items are included in the sale and get ready!




Translator : Kim-Kim
Timer : Om
Typesetter : Om
QC : Kashdaddy & Curly Udon
Encoder/Uploader : Om

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[UKN48] Yuko Oshima – Nugiyagare! Making of

“You guys are running out of imagination” – RyanAmparo
[Showing his red card] – Om

Come on! Less talk, more boobs!
Here are some boobs!

– Kim-kim

Translator : araishikeiwai, Kim-kim
Timer : araishikeiwai
Typesetter : araishikeiwai
QC-er : araishikeiwai
Encoder/Uploader : Kim-kim

DM :
Yuko Oshima – Nugiyagare! Making of by UKN48
H!O : here
Softsub: here

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