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[UKN48]20±SWEET Kizaki Yuria English Sub

HOORAY FOR ANOTHER POST! Yo minna! Pervies here bringing you another short making video! We just happened to find another Yuria interview so we thought “why not?” Anyway without further ado, please enjoy!

[UKN48]20±SWEET Kizaki Yuria English Sub by UKN48

Brought to you by our wonderful Perv staff:

Translation/Timing: KimKimChuChuChu
Typeset/QC/Upload: Pervies

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[UKN48] Yuria Peace Photobook Video

WHAT’S THIS?! A UKN48 RELEASE?! Yo minna! It’s Pervies here bringing you another photobook making release! Summer this year seems extremely hot, so lets all relax and enjoy the Peace :3 (haha dajare).

Here we go! Yuria is coming!


[UKN48] Yuria Peace Photobook Making Video… by UKN48
Here’s the ass (sadly not Yuria’s ass *lol dajare*):

Brought to you by our wonderful Perv staff:

Translation/Timing: KimKimChuChuChu
Typeset/QC/Upload: Pervies

I’m not sure about what raw video Pervies used, but Kimkimchuchuchu! used this raw video for translating and timing :
Thanks to the uploader :3
– Kimkimchuchuchu!

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[UKN48] Komiyama Haruka MeruTomo

Yo minna!

Pervies here making a statement, and that is…valentines day hurts!
Especially for us single people! So we bring you a special occasion special release special!
Komimi (my love) sings about her heartache and experience in the friendzone! SHE’S ONE OF US! Enjoy the performance everyone!

Staff list:
Translator – araishikeiwai
Timer/Typesetter/QC/encoder – Pervies


[UKN48] Meru Tomo – Komiyama Haruka




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[I.K.U.T.A.] NOGIBINGO! 3 ep 3 eng sub

What are ya lookin’ at? Ya lookin’ for subs!?
How would ya like a piping hot Nogibingo!3 subs shoved in your ass?
Prepare for one hell of an awesome show ’cause this is the third episode of NOGIBINGO!3!


Translator: kanjo, Fukagawa Highway, AESub
Timer: Om, Fukagawa Highway
Typesetter: Michael Soares
QC: CurlyUdon

Enjoy, you masochists!


PS: If you still haven’t seen the latest Nogizaka46 SHOW! yet (AKB48 SHOW! ep48), then be sure to drop by on AESub’s DM channel!

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[IkomaSubs] 140926 Musikyun ep 26 eng sub

“This might be the last Musikyun episode but it’ll all the more make your heart go kyun!
Matsumura, Hashimoto and Wakatsuki talk about things they’ve been into recently, their ideal marriage proposal situation and the most touching events of their life.”



[IkomaSubs] 140926 Musikyun ep 26 eng sub by UKN48

Translator: Ryan Amparo, KudoShinichi
Timer: Michael Soares
Typesetter: Michael Soares
QC: mahousentai
Uploader: Pervies


-Ryan Amparo

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Staff Introduction: Pervies


So it seems staff introductions are in order so here we go! Yo minna! I go by the name Pervies because of very very obvious reasons 😀 I first became a fan when I gave up on Kpop girl groups since they were turning ‘sexy’ and so I thought I’d give AKB48 a try, and much to my surprise I was instantly hooked in by KFC but what really kept me being a fan are songs like Hebi Rote, River and Beginner. After a few weeks of listening and watching MVs I found AKBingo and the subbing crews who work on them. Eventually I met Boss YeYoH in the infamous ‘mizugi thread’ and somehow I volunteered to join (apparently that’s rare) on a whim and he accepted me as a QC. However the other staff had a few more ideas, saying that I could help more by becoming a timer, and so since AKBingo ep 294 wasn’t being worked on by anyone, I took the liberty to take it on as my first project (and absolutely destroy the timing so hard the translator flipped a table) and then 295, then 296 (KOMIHARU!!) and so on! Eventually I learned and then wanted to help the group further by learning to do as much as I can while I do the pre-timing for the translators, and so I had my bro Darthbaker teach me typesetting basics J In reality, I primarily do the timing, but then I can help out with typesetting now, also I can substitute for our encoder and uploader YoonAddicting (Baby J), and do a bit of QC since I’m also learning from great senpais like Kashdaddy and Aidol’s Mayuyu (my lover). Eventually I met GUILD48’s Boss Kittodm and I volunteered (again?!) and so I started working on Goboten episodes too 😀 I don’t really like having free time you see!

In terms of oshi, I am a DD, I pretty much like at least 1 thing about each member I know of, but my standards in gravure and mizugi are high. Eventually I found the 15th gen KomiHaru and later on Mion, and I have been worshipping the pair ever since! But then there’s Tano and she’s beautiful, then there’s Sasshi, the first AKB48 member I saw and loved, but then there’s…. yep, DD life is hard! I’m also a weird gui gui character with apparently a gap in my personality, I worship most of our veteran staff and worship other subbing crew’s staff too because they are LEGENDARY people who helped me become a fan but then I turn into a disrespectful and a toxic human being especially in League of Legends games (EUW Gold IV/V name: Jervies)

I’m 20 years old, full Filipino, lives in England and pretty much I’m an open book 😀 everyone knows I worship mizugi (like Boss YeYoH (his screen name is such a bother to write)) a lot of people from the Unko page knows of me, since they see me a lot, you just gotta look at Pervies and think ‘hmmm, which Unko member has roughly the same name?’ and you’ll figure out who I am, since I use my actual FB page to interact with everyone there 😀 But yeah, that’s pretty much it, anyone is free to contact me for anything, most likely mizugi or KomiHaru related!

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