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Tora, the Timer and etc.


This is Tora. I joined as a timer, but I’ve QC a couple of times too.

I joined the 48G fandom through one of its manga franchises, AKB49 – Renai Kinshi Jourei probably 3-4 years ago…To be honest I was more of a fan of the fictional characters…I was already scanlating manga (Haikyuu and Shokugeki no Soma) but then AKB49’s scanlation group was gonna drop it unless they snag new members last May 2013. So I, like a hero I am, applied, passed, and did not save the project there. However! A cleaner there decided to gather up members who wanted to keep AKB49 and made a new group called Substitute Scans. I slowly climbed my way up, earning the trust of the leader and now I am the project manager of AKB49…Yes, I know you wanted to know. Anyway, I really got into the REAL 48G fandom last September 2013. We got a real AKB fan to translate the manga, so I thought, “Hey, maybe it’s time I check out the real group?”. So the first thing I saw was a Shoujiki Shougi battle on youtube randomly. I was hooked. Watching secrets being brought to light and their resulting embarrassed faces! Maybe it’s the sadist in me, but I liked it. It showed me they can be vulnerable and most importantly, they’re being girls. Cute. Girls. Now I can proudly say, I like the real members far more than AKB49 fictional characters, hehe.

So there’s a mizugi boss and possibly a mizugi kingdom. Well, as a perfectly normal, heterosexual girl, I want to say DANSO FTW. I mean, I’d totally cross that line for a cross-gendered archer Matsui Rena QvQ. I’d hit that. No lie. But the sad truth is they ain’t gonna become boys for silly ol’ me ;A; I’m also a major fan of winterware, I think they’re most kawaii in knitted hats <3

I’ve been called gay almost immediately joining UKN48 chat. The only way I’ll ever admit that is them in danso *^*. Otherwise my love for 48G is strictly platonic. While some fans see them as potential girlfriends, I see them as a possible best friends. Just put me in the same group as the children demographic of 48G fans.

I would rant about my oshis, but I got too tired from talking about me.

My kami-oshi is Oshima Yuko. Even though she graduated, she’ll forever be my #1. Minegishi Minami is my #2, I think she’ll always be there…Kawaei Rina was supposed to be my new oshi, like a week before I finally moved on from the Yuko train, she announces her graduation!! I love shipping members together, I think 48G OTPs like kojiyuu are adorable =w=. Of course, I’m not a diehard expecting them to /really/ like each other that way, I adore close friendships too! If you couldn’t tell from all my cheeriness, I also don’t hate any member.

My favorite song is Watashi, Okiru.

Speaking of favorite song, I favor Nogizaka46 way more now. This blog post is outdated, but my true oshis in the idol world are Nishino Nanase, Takayama Kazumi and Ikuta Erika. And most of recent fansub work is with Ikoma subs and Nogizaka46.

Here’s a video that I found when I was looking for Wasshoi B performance: It’s these kind of performances that make me love them more.

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