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[UKN48 x HAN48] AKBINGO! EP258 (English Subtitle)


Guess who’s back? UKN is!
Actually… We had this episode ready for release for a bit, but we have just been waiting for someone to sub part 1 of this mini series and Nura just did! So now we can release part 2 of Team Bonding Athletic Meeting! \ :v /

Translator: Ethan
Timer: Darthbaker
Typeset: Darthbaker
QC: Kashdaddy, Darthbaker, Jhon Doe


[HAN48 x UKN48]131001 AKBINGO! ep258 (English… by UKN48

For your last minute Christmas shopping on CDJapan, feel free to use the affiliate link below which gives us a small percentage of your purchase, it helps out alot! ^_^

Please enjoy~!


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[UKN48] 150603 Miyawaki Sakura – Musume wa Idol

Heyo there!

A few of us here at UKN48 really like the stories that the Musume wa Idol series convey, so we decided to sub one of them!

Learn more about the bond between Miyawaki Sakura and her grandmother in this episode!

[UKN48] 150603 Miyawaki Sakura – Musume wa Idol…


You can also watch the Kizaki Yuria episode here, subbed by MahouShoujoAri:

Translator: Kim-kim
Timer: YoonAddicting
Typeset: Kim-kim
QC: Kashdaddy, YoonAddicting


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[UKN48] AKB48 Team 8 – To the 47 Great Cities (AKBINGO 140729) (English Subtitle)

As a little (delayed) surprise for our 2,000 likes achievement is this awesome song from the latest episode of AKBINGO! Yes! This is Team 8 with their new song, “To the 47 Great Cities”!
Watch this video and fall in love with them while they sing about how much they love driving in their Toyota branded cars! :v


[UKN48] AKB48 Team 8 – To the 47 Great Cities… by UKN48

2,000 milestone post:

Also, if you are not part of our group page yet, feel free to join us here:


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[UKN48] 130430 AKBINGO! ep236 (English Subtitles)

It’s time for…. AKBINGO!
This time around the members will be playing Muchaburi Dodgeball!
The teams will be a mixture of senpais and kouhais.
This time some were scary things happens… Watch it to find out what scary things happen!


[UKN48] 130430 AKBINGO! ep236 (English Subtitles) by UKN48


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[GUILD48 x UKN48]131126 AKBINGO! ep266 (English Subtitle)

Yes it is true! We have collaborated with GUILD48Fansubs in order to bring you the first episode of the Okada Nana trilogy!
we hope you enjoy it!
You can find download links in the original post or on their page!
Please also go and check them out over at!



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[UKN48] 131119 AKBINGO! Ep 265 (English subtitles)

Good day everybody!
Today we got a little treat for you all out there!
You guessed it! Another episode of AKBingo!
This time around this time around the members need to work together in the burger battle shop!
Please enjoy the subtitle!


[UKN48] 131119 AKBINGO! ep265 by UKN48


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AKB48 2015 Desktop Calendar Christmas & New Year Giveaway

Hello everybody!

Hope you all are enjoy the Christmas spirit at the moment!

Here at UKN48, have we decided to make a Christmas and new year giveaway for all you peeps.
The content is paid by CDJapan affiliate money, money you indirectly give to us by buying stuff via our affiliate links, both out in the right side of the website and in the bottom of some posts. By using the links we get some money to pay for the website costs and more giveaways in the future! \ :v /

So what can buy via the affiliate links?
Well, anything on CDJapan actually! At the moment I personally would recommend a few items to buy, they are listed down below here.

AKB48 Group Tokyo Dome Concert – Surunayo? Surunayo? Zettai Sotsugyo Happyo Surunayo? (This summer’s Tokyo Dome concerts)

AKB48 – Koko ga Rhodes da, Koko de Tobe! (The new AKB48 album due to release on January 21st)

The Official AKB48 Group 2015 Wall Calendar (Released yesterday, December 19th)

Nogizaka46 – Tomei na Iro (Nogizaka46’s first album, due to release on January 7th)

SKE48 – 12 Gatsu no Kangaroo

So how do you enter the contest and what can you win?
You enter by completing the steps in the widget down below, the more steps you complete, the more entries into the giveaway you get! If you win the giveaway you win a AKB48 2015 Desktop Calendar with the member of your choice as long as it is in stock on CDJapan.

The contest runs until new year JST (Check down below in the widget for a countdown)

UKN48 AKB48 Desktop Calendar Christmas & New Year Giveaway

We will contact the winner of the contest via Facebook within 24 hours after the contest ends to hear which calendar he/she wants.
You will have to live in a country where CDJapan ships to.

We hope you will enjoy this giveaway and all of us from UKN48 wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!


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