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Tentoumu Chu! in Hawaii

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Chu! Chu! Chu~!

This week we are bringing you all an extra special show! Tentoumu Chu! in Hawaii!
Tentoumu Chu visited Hawaii not so long ago and while they were there they some ‘fun’ activities, so to speak \ :v /

Because Meru and Mio are busy practising for their HKT tour, they aren’t with them on this trip and therefore there have been made cards of them. Devil Meru and Angel Mio. Who will draw which cards and what will happen to them? Watch to find out!


Desk- and wall calendars for AKB48 in 2015 have been announced and can now be purchased at CDjapan!
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Translator: Ryan Amparo.
Timer: Om.
Typesetters: IndecisiveWota and Pervies.
QC: YeYoH, Ixarus and YoonAddicting.
Encoder and uploader: YoonAddicting.

Please enjoy and have a good laugh at finding out why Miki is so scared! :v

Sorry about the shifted audio yesterday, the issue is now resolved!


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[UKN48] 140812 AKBINGO ep301 (English Subtitles)


It’s time for AKBINGO! Some time since last episode, eh? Oh well, that doesn’t matter, because we are back now!
And even more, we are back, better than ever and we bring you last week’s diva singing contest!

Who is the best singer in AKB48 this time around?! Personally I would love if it is Karen! But to find out, go watch it right below!


[UKN48] 140812 AKBINGO ep301 (English Subtitles) by UKN48
In exactly a week AKB48’s brand new election single releases! By using the link down below you support us and help us keeping the site going!

Buy Kokoro no Placard on CDJapan!

Please enjoy and tell us down below who YOU think sang the best!


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