Tora, the Timer and etc.


This is Tora. I joined as a timer, but I’ve QC a couple of times too.

I joined the 48G fandom through one of its manga franchises, AKB49 – Renai Kinshi Jourei probably 3-4 years ago…To be honest I was more of a fan of the fictional characters…I was already scanlating manga (Haikyuu and Shokugeki no Soma) but then AKB49’s scanlation group was gonna drop it unless they snag new members last May 2013. So I, like a hero I am, applied, passed, and did not save the project there. However! A cleaner there decided to gather up members who wanted to keep AKB49 and made a new group called Substitute Scans. I slowly climbed my way up, earning the trust of the leader and now I am the project manager of AKB49…Yes, I know you wanted to know. Anyway, I really got into the REAL 48G fandom last September 2013. We got a real AKB fan to translate the manga, so I thought, “Hey, maybe it’s time I check out the real group?”. So the first thing I saw was a Shoujiki Shougi battle on youtube randomly. I was hooked. Watching secrets being brought to light and their resulting embarrassed faces! Maybe it’s the sadist in me, but I liked it. It showed me they can be vulnerable and most importantly, they’re being girls. Cute. Girls. Now I can proudly say, I like the real members far more than AKB49 fictional characters, hehe.

So there’s a mizugi boss and possibly a mizugi kingdom. Well, as a perfectly normal, heterosexual girl, I want to say DANSO FTW. I mean, I’d totally cross that line for a cross-gendered archer Matsui Rena QvQ. I’d hit that. No lie. But the sad truth is they ain’t gonna become boys for silly ol’ me ;A; I’m also a major fan of winterware, I think they’re most kawaii in knitted hats <3

I’ve been called gay almost immediately joining UKN48 chat. The only way I’ll ever admit that is them in danso *^*. Otherwise my love for 48G is strictly platonic. While some fans see them as potential girlfriends, I see them as a possible best friends. Just put me in the same group as the children demographic of 48G fans.

I would rant about my oshis, but I got too tired from talking about me.

My kami-oshi is Oshima Yuko. Even though she graduated, she’ll forever be my #1. Minegishi Minami is my #2, I think she’ll always be there…Kawaei Rina was supposed to be my new oshi, like a week before I finally moved on from the Yuko train, she announces her graduation!! I love shipping members together, I think 48G OTPs like kojiyuu are adorable =w=. Of course, I’m not a diehard expecting them to /really/ like each other that way, I adore close friendships too! If you couldn’t tell from all my cheeriness, I also don’t hate any member.

My favorite song is Watashi, Okiru.

Speaking of favorite song, I favor Nogizaka46 way more now. This blog post is outdated, but my true oshis in the idol world are Nishino Nanase, Takayama Kazumi and Ikuta Erika. And most of recent fansub work is with Ikoma subs and Nogizaka46.

Here’s a video that I found when I was looking for Wasshoi B performance: It’s these kind of performances that make me love them more.

My tumblr:

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Staff Introduction: Pervies


So it seems staff introductions are in order so here we go! Yo minna! I go by the name Pervies because of very very obvious reasons 😀 I first became a fan when I gave up on Kpop girl groups since they were turning ‘sexy’ and so I thought I’d give AKB48 a try, and much to my surprise I was instantly hooked in by KFC but what really kept me being a fan are songs like Hebi Rote, River and Beginner. After a few weeks of listening and watching MVs I found AKBingo and the subbing crews who work on them. Eventually I met Boss YeYoH in the infamous ‘mizugi thread’ and somehow I volunteered to join (apparently that’s rare) on a whim and he accepted me as a QC. However the other staff had a few more ideas, saying that I could help more by becoming a timer, and so since AKBingo ep 294 wasn’t being worked on by anyone, I took the liberty to take it on as my first project (and absolutely destroy the timing so hard the translator flipped a table) and then 295, then 296 (KOMIHARU!!) and so on! Eventually I learned and then wanted to help the group further by learning to do as much as I can while I do the pre-timing for the translators, and so I had my bro Darthbaker teach me typesetting basics J In reality, I primarily do the timing, but then I can help out with typesetting now, also I can substitute for our encoder and uploader YoonAddicting (Baby J), and do a bit of QC since I’m also learning from great senpais like Kashdaddy and Aidol’s Mayuyu (my lover). Eventually I met GUILD48’s Boss Kittodm and I volunteered (again?!) and so I started working on Goboten episodes too 😀 I don’t really like having free time you see!

In terms of oshi, I am a DD, I pretty much like at least 1 thing about each member I know of, but my standards in gravure and mizugi are high. Eventually I found the 15th gen KomiHaru and later on Mion, and I have been worshipping the pair ever since! But then there’s Tano and she’s beautiful, then there’s Sasshi, the first AKB48 member I saw and loved, but then there’s…. yep, DD life is hard! I’m also a weird gui gui character with apparently a gap in my personality, I worship most of our veteran staff and worship other subbing crew’s staff too because they are LEGENDARY people who helped me become a fan but then I turn into a disrespectful and a toxic human being especially in League of Legends games (EUW Gold IV/V name: Jervies)

I’m 20 years old, full Filipino, lives in England and pretty much I’m an open book 😀 everyone knows I worship mizugi (like Boss YeYoH (his screen name is such a bother to write)) a lot of people from the Unko page knows of me, since they see me a lot, you just gotta look at Pervies and think ‘hmmm, which Unko member has roughly the same name?’ and you’ll figure out who I am, since I use my actual FB page to interact with everyone there 😀 But yeah, that’s pretty much it, anyone is free to contact me for anything, most likely mizugi or KomiHaru related!

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EroGG69’s Introduction

Hello everyone!!! My name is Erik but I am known as EroGG69, QC/Assistant Manager of UKN48

I became a fan of the AKB group in 2011 when I was watching Kamen Rider W (I am a huge fan of Tokusatsu) and I was looking for the MV of Love Wars sung by Queen and Elizabeth. When I saw the names of Kasai and Itano Tomomi, I searched their names online and I discovered AKB48. My kami oshi in the group wasn’t Chiyuu or Tomochin (although they are the reason I discovered AKB48 back then) but my heart was captured by Sato Amina. As you can see in the picture above, Amina has been a hard working girl and I have seen her hardships throughout her tenure in AKB. Even though she graduated, she will be always be my kami oshi. Aside from her, I have oshis from the other sister groups like Furuhata Nao, Jonishi Kei, Inoue Yuriya and a lot more ( since I have too many oshimen to type into this introduction post 😉 )

I became a part of UKN48 when they were looking for QCs around April of this year. YeYoH was the one who recruited me and QCed a couple of videos. 2 months after, I was promoted as the Assistant Manager of the group to help Curly Udon to organize projects and releases.

On a final note, I will leave you this qoute from one of the badass villain in video game history, Albert Wesker: “Here I am offering you my precious time and you waste it by running around.”

And there you go! I hope now that everyone has gotten to know me a little bit now 🙂 Please continue to support us and we will do our best in bringing your weekly dose of AKBingo.

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Staff Introductions : Kanarin46

Hello, and Welcome to Il Nuovo Stadio Della Juventus.

Kidding ^_^, Hello readers. I see two staffs already made an Introduction Post, so I want to make one as well. So, away we go!

I go by name Kanarin46, but call me Zed. I joined UKN48 team about in 2013 (month forgot). They open recruitment in UKN fanpage, so you know, I applied. And My oshimen Boss Curly Udon pm-ed me, gave me a test, and got accepted as Translator. So, dream come true. Usually I’m just an watcher, now I’m a part of this amazing team.

About me, As you lads can see at the beginning, I’m an huge soccer fans, Juventus FC is my favourite club. Heavy duty gamer, favourite games are Resident Evil series, Assassin’s Creed series, and other Third Person Adventure games. I am from Indonesia, City of Makassar. Now, I’m 2* years old (I’m way older than oldest Nogizaka members). My oshi, now and forever will be Oshima Yuko. Preferable group in 46/48 world is Nogizaka46, NMB48, and HKT48. Oshimen of Nakada Kana (It’s Obvious, :v), Shiraishi Mai, Fukagawa Mai, Eto Misa, Takayama Kazumi,Hori Miona, Yamamoto Sayaka, Takano Yui, Ota Yuri, Goto Izumi, Tashima Meru, Miyawaki Sakura, Kurihara Sae, Yokoyama Yui,  Mukaichi Mion, Azuma Rion, and few more (Oh my, too much). Favourite songs : Girls Rule, Koumori yo, Sekai de Ichiban Kodoku na Lover, Baretta, UZA, Gingham Check, Kaze Wa Fuiteiru, Darkness, Jungle Gym, Kesshou, Temo demo no Namida, and some more.

Alrigthty, That’s It. My introduction post, don’t get bored reading it. Thank you, and remember, Nothing Is True, Everything is Permitted.



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Staff Introduction: Ixarus

ero everyone~ Ixarus here or everyone calling me Ixa for short.

to start, i meet the boss (PJ) and jonas in halfsan chatroom, then they asked me to join them. at first i hesitated because i’m total noob to japanese language but in the end i applied to UKN48 as a QC

currently live on Jakarta, Indonesia. if not doing idol-related stuff i play dota2 the most nor watching anime/reading manga.

my kami-oshi is Moriyasu Madoka (tbh, i like HKT as the whole groulike papahalf). in other group i like Furuhata Nao, Yoshida Akari and Suzuki Shihori (and special place for Ogisho Shiori)

you can chat with me on twitter: @JengIcal
or check my tumblr: Ixarus-no-Sekai

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Staff Introduction: IndecisiveWota

Hey there! My name is IndecisiveWota and I’m a typesetter here at UKN48. I live in the United States. I am half-Filipino and half-Japanese. I’m at the young age of 16 years old. I joined not too long ago actually (as of this post, only about a month ago). I’m really bad at introductions so I don’t really know what to talk about haha.

Anyway, my kami-oshi is Paruru, as you can see from the image, and my nogi-oshi is Ikuchan~ But really, I’m a みんな好きです kind of person.

I got into the 48/46 groups in April when I first saw an episode of Shoujiki Shougi featuring Tanaka Natsumi and Murashige Anna. After that, I binge watched a bunch of AKBingo episodes and finding my very first “favorite” (I didn’t know they were called oshimens at the time), Maeda Atsuko. Then I found out she graduated ;A; Shortly after, I fell in love with Yagami Kumi. Then I found out she graduated ;A; (SERVES ME RIGHT FOR BEING SO LATE TO THE PARTY) After that little fiasco, I started to really study the 48 Group, watching more variety shows besides AKBingo (HKT48 no Odekake, SKE48 Ebisho) and shortly after that, I found my name – IndecisiveWota.

Yuko has such a great personality and smile! But Mayuyu is so adorable! Sasshi is so funny and cool! Bossu is so weird (in a good way)! Ikuchan is so talented! Paruru is so adorable! WHY IS NAKO SO UNBEARABLY CUTE?! Haruppi! Yuihan! Rena! Miki! Tani! Akarin! Churi! Sakura! Milky! Sayaka! I CANT DECIDE

Besides that, I listen to a lot of music such as Shing02, Nujabes, Hidetake Takayama, re:plus, Robert de Boron, Piano Master, Czecho no Republic, Miwa, Swinging Popsicle, The Pillows, etc. I love my pair of Audio Technica ATH-M40x headphones. I play a lot of video games including: osu! (add “Taka-kun” if you want), League of Legends NA Server (name: HKT48), Counter Strike: Global Offensive (Silver Elite cause I’m a scrub), and Runescape. And I am currently studying 日本語.

Well that about wraps it up. I hope you got to know me a little better haha. Don’t worry, I’ll be typesetting something soon. Feel free to add me on any of the games I listed; I don’t mind. Peace, yo!

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Staff Introduction: Darthbaker

Yo~ It’s everyone’s favorite typesetter, Darthbaker!!

You will mostly see me doing typeset, but on occasion I’ll do some timing (my main timing jobs are done as Aidol’s Keicchi :3) and QC’ing.

I’m a “bloody yank” born and raised in Florida, US. When I’m not leading the hiki life, playing video games, watching anime/reading manga, subbing, or working on my car, I am a full time electrician.

My kami-oshi is Watanabe Mayu. But i also have a special love for many other members including (but not limited to 😉 ) Kimoto Kanon, Yagami Kumi, Jonishi Kei, and last but not least Nakamoto Himeka! BUT! As far as the 48 Groups are concerned, I am an HKT oshi!!! :3

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Staff Introduction: araishikeiwai

Hi guys!

Since no one has posted in staff blog until now, I nominate myself to be the first! I’ll do a staff introduction and hope that other staffs will do the same too. We’re “a subbing group that you can reach” (taken from the site’s header), so you guys should be able to reach us staffs too 😉

I go by the alias araishikeiwai, but since it’s too long to call me by that name, just call me Rick (my real name). I joined UKN48 a couple months ago, in 16th June 2014 to be exact. That time, our Assistant Manager EroJiJi69 (a.k.a Zodiart88) opened a recruitment in the Unko group page and I applied as QC (had to send him my TOEFL score sheet since English is not my first language). I got accepted and was looking forward to my first QC job!

Then some times later, I took my first job. It was translating AKBINGO! 295. EH?! Translating?! Didn’t you say you applied as QC? Yeah I was surprised myself. In that instant I was “transferred to the Translation Division”. That makes me a Translator for UKN48. That job was done by several new guys, that’s me, Darthbaker, and Pervies. Ixarus (who’s an old staff of UKN48) and KudoShinichi of AIDOL also helped too. I think it was a pretty successful release since it was a new episode and a good one too.

Now let’s get to know me better. I’m pretty new in the 48 group fandom. I started to like AKB48 in mid-2013. At that time, my band was having a jam session and my bassist (who likes AKB48 so much) played the guitar opening of Heavy Rotation. After that session, I opened Heavy Rotation MV on YouTube and fell in love at the first sight with an angel with two little canines popping out when she smiles. Oshima Yuko. After that, I started to find out more about AKB48 and its families. I also discussed 48-related things with my friends who like them too. We have this WhatsApp group called MKR48 (MKR stands for Makara, an identity of the university I attended, so if you’re from the same university as me, contact me to join the WhatsApp group), along with fellow UKN48 translator KimKim.

As I mentioned above, my oshimen was and is and will still be Oshima Yuko. She brought me to this world. Now that she’s graduated, I’m still enjoying the group by liking many members at once. I consider myself as DD now. But even for a DD with so many entry in his list of favorite members, there must be someone on top of that list. That is Kimoto Kanon. After Kanon, my other favorites are Mukaichi Mion, Kojima Mako, Kawaei Rina, Iwatate Saho, Murayama Yuiri, Tomonaga Mio, Murashige Anna, Sashihara Rino, Nagao Mariya, Aigasa Moe, Okabe Rin, Tomiyoshi Asuka, Tano Yuka, Kawakami Chihiro, Yabushita Shu, Anai Chihiro, Yagura Fuuko, Jonishi Kei, Iriyama Anna, Takayanagi Akane, Furukawa Airi, Kinoshita Yukiko, Kondo Rina, Yamada Mizuho, Azuma Rion, Shibata Aya, Watanabe Miyuki, Yokoyama Yui, Kato Rena, Oshima Ryoka, Alicia Chanzia, Dena Siti Rohyati, Sinka Juliani. Oh damn that’s too many. I said I’m a DD anyway. Until Mio, it’s sorted by my favorite order, after that it’s in pretty random order (I just put names that came out of my head).

Liking many members, of course there are some members that I don’t like. But I don’t think I should put their names here, it’s not good to be hating :p (but if you stalk me well, you can find those names)

My favorite song is Heavy Rotation of course. There are also many other songs I listen to very much. My current top 4 play count of all time of each Japanese group are GIVE ME FIVE!, Tsugi no Season, Heavy Rotation, First Rabbit (AKB48), 1!2!3!4! Yoroshiku, Gomen ne, SUMMER, Utsukushii Inazuma, Oki Doki (SKE48), Jungle Gym, Nagiichi, Warukii, Oh My God! (NMB48), Hatsukoi Butterfly, Melon Juice, Onegai Valentine, Suki! Suki! Skip! (HKT48). But that doesn’t really tell my favorite songs, since recently I’m listening to Douki, RESET, Bukiyou Taiyou, Sore wo Seishun to Yobu Hi, and Kyou Made no Melody a lot.

I’m currently 21 years old, and 21 is my favorite number. I’m an Indonesian. I’ve been to JKT48 stage three times, a Dareka no Tame ni stage performance, a Boku no Taiyou stage performance (on my birthday), and a Seishun Girls stage performance (on my brother’s birthday). I’ve also been to JKT48 handshake event twice, the Manatsu no Sounds Good! one and Flying Get one. I had handshake with Nakagawa Haruka, Dena Siti Rohyati, Della Delila, Jessica Vania Widjaja, and Alicia Chanzia. I’m going to Kokoro no Placard handshake event in Pacifico Yokohama in 7th February next year. I got tickets for Kanon (4), Mion (4), Mako (1), Saho (3), and Yuiri (2). I’m really looking forward to it >.,<

My idoling activity includes managing two idoling Twitter accounts, @Kanon_FC and @MionFansINA, translating my favorite members’ Google+ and blog posts, spending my hard-earned money on CDs, photos, and magazines, lurking and discussing in Stage48, translating for UKN48, leeching and seeding in Hello! Online, watching what I’ve leeched, and so many others.

Well, I think that’s it for now as I don’t know what else to write. I hope you know me better now. I’d better go back to translating since everyone’s been ‘craving’ for AKBINGO!! See you in the next release!


Follow me on Twitter @araishikeiwai
Visit my translation/subbing blog

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