[HAN48 x UKN48] 140617 AKBINGO! ep293 (English Subtitle)


I know your noses have been tingling from waiting for another AKBingo release…

So here it is!

Prepare for some flour bathing, cream pie-ing, ground breaking, nose pinching, water splashing and…hmmm… Yea, I think that’s all… :v

Because it’s AKBingo time!!! \ :v /

H!O: http://goo.gl/BtAZK0

[HAN48 x UKN48] 140617 AKBINGO! ep293 by UKN48

Translator: Ethan (HAN48), Kim-Kim
Timer: Om
Typesetter: Key
QC: Tora, Kim-Kim
Encoder and uploader: YoonAddicting

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