HKT Shakariki 48 ep23

Birthday release for the birthday girl

In this episode of Shakariki, Mio goes to make plastic food samples. She steps on a few landmines, gets some of her work rejected, but it’s all a learning experience for her growth.

This is a torrent-only release for now. I will edit this post once DailyMotion streaming is available. My internet is sucky at the moment.


(Yeah, I know I mispelled “mustn’t.” The encoded video in the torrent corrected that. I just couldn’t be assed to take another screenshot now.)


  • TNT48

    Can you release the softsubs later please?

  • rXa

    lol landmines
    thanks for the sub ^^

  • Link Floyd

    Could you release the softsub as well, please? This episode was originally aired almost 6 months ago and a lot of us downloaded it that far back and can’t afford to download it again for the subs, specially when the softsub file would be a very small file.I hope you consider releasing them. Thank you.

  • Tito Anjar Christ Prastyo

    can you upload in dailymotion? i can’t understand how to download in torrent

  • Qyugo

    I uploaded it here, it’s still decoding…