[PROJECT] Ikuta Erika 18th Birthday Project (Deadline: January 2)

Ikuchan will be having her seitansai on this coming Jan 18 of next year, and with that in mind, we’ve decided to make a birthday message collection project!

There hasn’t really been that much plan for this project yet since it’s just today when we have decided to make one, so please bear with potential lack of info, & don’t hesitate to provide ideas or ask questions.

To be honest, we’re actually kind of short in time for this project given that her seitansai is just less than a month away from now.

So right now, our initial plan is to make a poster which will be framed and can be hanged on the wall. The poster will contain all our messages. The design for the poster will be handled by @wahoho, but anyone who are willing to help may do so.

Typed messages only
Character limit: 140 characters (might still get adjusted, most likely for increase)
Language: English or Japanese
Include your name and country (excluded in the character limit)
Send your message at ikudonseitansai2015@gmail.com

Target schedule:
Dec 29 – checkpoint (hopefully, at least more than half of the messages should be sent already by this time so that the editor can already proceed with pre-designing)
Jan 2 – deadline
Jan 3 – design and preview
Jan 4 – edit and review
Jan 5 – order for printing
Jan 18 – seitansai

Few adjustments or changes might still be made since we’re still at the planning stage right now.

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