Staff Introduction: Darthbaker

Yo~ It’s everyone’s favorite typesetter, Darthbaker!!

You will mostly see me doing typeset, but on occasion I’ll do some timing (my main timing jobs are done as Aidol’s Keicchi :3) and QC’ing.

I’m a “bloody yank” born and raised in Florida, US. When I’m not leading the hiki life, playing video games, watching anime/reading manga, subbing, or working on my car, I am a full time electrician.

My kami-oshi is Watanabe Mayu. But i also have a special love for many other members including (but not limited to 😉 ) Kimoto Kanon, Yagami Kumi, Jonishi Kei, and last but not least Nakamoto Himeka! BUT! As far as the 48 Groups are concerned, I am an HKT oshi!!! :3


About Darthbaker

Yo~ It's everyone's favorite Darthbaker!! I mostly time and typeset. But, i occasionally do some QC work as well, seeing as my native language is English :v ('Murica!!) Anyhow, my Kami oshi is Watanabe Mayu. Though i also have a great love for Kimoto Kanon, Jonishi Kei, Furukawa Airi, and Kawaei Rina. :v My favorite group is of course HKT!! Loli power for the win! :v