Staff Introduction: IndecisiveWota

Hey there! My name is IndecisiveWota and I’m a typesetter here at UKN48. I live in the United States. I am half-Filipino and half-Japanese. I’m at the young age of 16 years old. I joined not too long ago actually (as of this post, only about a month ago). I’m really bad at introductions so I don’t really know what to talk about haha.

Anyway, my kami-oshi is Paruru, as you can see from the image, and my nogi-oshi is Ikuchan~ But really, I’m a みんな好きです kind of person.

I got into the 48/46 groups in April when I first saw an episode of Shoujiki Shougi featuring Tanaka Natsumi and Murashige Anna. After that, I binge watched a bunch of AKBingo episodes and finding my very first “favorite” (I didn’t know they were called oshimens at the time), Maeda Atsuko. Then I found out she graduated ;A; Shortly after, I fell in love with Yagami Kumi. Then I found out she graduated ;A; (SERVES ME RIGHT FOR BEING SO LATE TO THE PARTY) After that little fiasco, I started to really study the 48 Group, watching more variety shows besides AKBingo (HKT48 no Odekake, SKE48 Ebisho) and shortly after that, I found my name – IndecisiveWota.

Yuko has such a great personality and smile! But Mayuyu is so adorable! Sasshi is so funny and cool! Bossu is so weird (in a good way)! Ikuchan is so talented! Paruru is so adorable! WHY IS NAKO SO UNBEARABLY CUTE?! Haruppi! Yuihan! Rena! Miki! Tani! Akarin! Churi! Sakura! Milky! Sayaka! I CANT DECIDE

Besides that, I listen to a lot of music such as Shing02, Nujabes, Hidetake Takayama, re:plus, Robert de Boron, Piano Master, Czecho no Republic, Miwa, Swinging Popsicle, The Pillows, etc. I love my pair of Audio Technica ATH-M40x headphones. I play a lot of video games including: osu! (add “Taka-kun” if you want), League of Legends NA Server (name: HKT48), Counter Strike: Global Offensive (Silver Elite cause I’m a scrub), and Runescape. And I am currently studying 日本語.

Well that about wraps it up. I hope you got to know me a little better haha. Don’t worry, I’ll be typesetting something soon. Feel free to add me on any of the games I listed; I don’t mind. Peace, yo!


About IndecisiveWota

Eyyo! I typeset for UKN48. I'm new around here so you probably don't know me too much~ Let's see. I'm learning Japanese, my kami-oshi is Paruru, my nogi-oshi is Ikuchan, I'm a budget audiophile, HKT > AKB, and I'm still a highschooler! My native language is English and I live in the United States. またね~

  • Al Hashim Caezar Nonok

    You are not Alone I dedicated myself as a Paruru Fan but when I saw Miyawaki Sakura I want to be her fan to!but I’m not indecisive like you! I would call myself Greedy!

  • Al Hashim Caezar Nonok

    I’m a Daredemo Daisuki because I like anyone but My top is Paruru