Staff Introduction: Pervies


So it seems staff introductions are in order so here we go! Yo minna! I go by the name Pervies because of very very obvious reasons 😀 I first became a fan when I gave up on Kpop girl groups since they were turning ‘sexy’ and so I thought I’d give AKB48 a try, and much to my surprise I was instantly hooked in by KFC but what really kept me being a fan are songs like Hebi Rote, River and Beginner. After a few weeks of listening and watching MVs I found AKBingo and the subbing crews who work on them. Eventually I met Boss YeYoH in the infamous ‘mizugi thread’ and somehow I volunteered to join (apparently that’s rare) on a whim and he accepted me as a QC. However the other staff had a few more ideas, saying that I could help more by becoming a timer, and so since AKBingo ep 294 wasn’t being worked on by anyone, I took the liberty to take it on as my first project (and absolutely destroy the timing so hard the translator flipped a table) and then 295, then 296 (KOMIHARU!!) and so on! Eventually I learned and then wanted to help the group further by learning to do as much as I can while I do the pre-timing for the translators, and so I had my bro Darthbaker teach me typesetting basics J In reality, I primarily do the timing, but then I can help out with typesetting now, also I can substitute for our encoder and uploader YoonAddicting (Baby J), and do a bit of QC since I’m also learning from great senpais like Kashdaddy and Aidol’s Mayuyu (my lover). Eventually I met GUILD48’s Boss Kittodm and I volunteered (again?!) and so I started working on Goboten episodes too 😀 I don’t really like having free time you see!

In terms of oshi, I am a DD, I pretty much like at least 1 thing about each member I know of, but my standards in gravure and mizugi are high. Eventually I found the 15th gen KomiHaru and later on Mion, and I have been worshipping the pair ever since! But then there’s Tano and she’s beautiful, then there’s Sasshi, the first AKB48 member I saw and loved, but then there’s…. yep, DD life is hard! I’m also a weird gui gui character with apparently a gap in my personality, I worship most of our veteran staff and worship other subbing crew’s staff too because they are LEGENDARY people who helped me become a fan but then I turn into a disrespectful and a toxic human being especially in League of Legends games (EUW Gold IV/V name: Jervies)

I’m 20 years old, full Filipino, lives in England and pretty much I’m an open book 😀 everyone knows I worship mizugi (like Boss YeYoH (his screen name is such a bother to write)) a lot of people from the Unko page knows of me, since they see me a lot, you just gotta look at Pervies and think ‘hmmm, which Unko member has roughly the same name?’ and you’ll figure out who I am, since I use my actual FB page to interact with everyone there 😀 But yeah, that’s pretty much it, anyone is free to contact me for anything, most likely mizugi or KomiHaru related!

  • noodles

    Welcome! Now where can I get this episode of the history program screencapped in your intro? I so far can only find the first 3 episodes.

    • Jervies Mariano

      ive absolutely no clue to be honest with you mate 😀

  • Jervies Mariano

    ive absolutely no clue to be honest mate 😀 sorry