[UKN48] 140225 AKBINGO! 277

DON!!~~ Darthbaker Dessssu~~~

Prepare yourself, both physically and mentally, for part 2 of the Moe Battle! Tonight, the battle to be known as the 48 Group with the most girl power continues! Who will be able to capture the hearts of the 3 judges?? Download the raws and softsubs or click the hardsub stream from our GDrive to watch and find out!


Google Drive: Click here.
Hello!Online Raw Torrent
GoogleDrive Subtitle DDL

Translator: YeYoh, ShinichiKudo
Timer: Key, Darthbaker
Typesetter: Key, MichaelSoares
QC: ShinichiKudo, Darthbaker


About Darthbaker

Yo~ It's everyone's favorite Darthbaker!! I mostly time and typeset. But, i occasionally do some QC work as well, seeing as my native language is English :v ('Murica!!) Anyhow, my Kami oshi is Watanabe Mayu. Though i also have a great love for Kimoto Kanon, Jonishi Kei, Furukawa Airi, and Kawaei Rina. :v My favorite group is of course HKT!! Loli power for the win! :v

  • Kazuma Hirata

    Thanks for the release 😀 I’ve been looking forward to this.

  • Victor Reoli

    won’t you guys update a DMstream anymore 🙁

  • suberi

    Thanks for all the recent releases. You guys are great! I guess DM is still being fussy with some uploads but I actually like GD better since I can dl the hardsub in a fraction of the time it takes to dl from a DM stream or raw torrent.

  • FlossBread

    How long does it take before I can actually download this? I’ve been coming back hourly and it still says unable to play and exceeded. It’s the same with ep246 for me. Help!

  • Panini

    Thanks for another release of Akbingo and all the hard work the subbing team has put in to crank out all these recent releases. 😀

  • Rei

    Can you re-upload the softsubs somewhere other than Google Drive? It looks like the account has been maxed out or maybe even suspended by Google because it hasn’t allowed downloads for a couple days now. Thanks!

  • mesum

    Thanks for the release 😀 but i can’t download the softsubs TT.
    can you re-upload it on uptobox maybe?

  • Get_Youku

    If you have anyone on staff who can speak and/or read Chinese, you should just get a Youku account to stream videos. Videos seem to last longer there compared to sites like DM and YouTube that are based in the West.