[UKN48] 140812 AKBINGO ep301 (English Subtitles)


It’s time for AKBINGO! Some time since last episode, eh? Oh well, that doesn’t matter, because we are back now!
And even more, we are back, better than ever and we bring you last week’s diva singing contest!

Who is the best singer in AKB48 this time around?! Personally I would love if it is Karen! But to find out, go watch it right below!

H!O: www.hello-online.org/index.php?app=xbt&CODE=details&torrent=76516
Softsubs: drive.google.com/file/d/0Bzm1LIQKet6QUGIwbzY3NDdQSVE/edit

[UKN48] 140812 AKBINGO ep301 (English Subtitles) by UKN48
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Please enjoy and tell us down below who YOU think sang the best!


  • suberi

    Thanks for the subs. Am I crazy or were two of the best singers Yuihan and Goto, who went out in the first round? I’ve been listening to Otsuka Ai for years and Yui sung it very well.

    Actually, I’ve seen the whole contest and it seemed like the worse singers won more often lol.

    • Jonas Pedersen

      If you ask me, they were all good (not so much Tano :v), but they could have send Moekyun on instead of Miyupon if you ask me!

  • IndecisiveWota

    Yuihaaaan <3