[UKN48] 130709 AKBINGO! ep246


It’s everyone’s favorite show! AKBingo! \ :v /

Among the new gens, who are the ones that have potential to become successful actresses in the future?

Let’s all find out as AKB members challenge the famous director, Sai Youichi!

And will they be able to fool this master of the film industry again!?

Here’s the continuation of the “Director Sai Youichi vs. AKB48” AKBingo episode.

H!O: http://www.hello-online.org/index.php?app=xbt&CODE=details&torrent=77046
Softsubs: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bzm1LIQKet6QMmVhcWlreDBCczA/edit?usp=sharing
Google Drive: Click here to watch.

Translator: Lonely Avocado
Timer & Typesetter: Darthbaker
QC: Kashdaddy, Pervies
Encoder: YoonAddicting




Replaced DailyMotion link with new Google Drive link as a temporary solution.


  • RamonXick

    wow, deleted already? darn I manage to download from dailymotion just right before it was deleted

  • HI how are you? Not sure if you got my one comment a while back when you started this website, but I want to um, “Donate” to your site regularly. However, I wanted to talk to you more about this. How do I get in touch with you privately? I have a proposal for you. Let me know and thanks for the great subs (hope this sub gets put back up on Daily Motion or someplace else where I can watch it hard subbed!

    • Sorry for the late reply… If you have a facebook account, you can contact me there. 🙂

  • AKBoshiAKB

    I was wondering if you guys tried uploading it to private and only link it from your site maybe it wont get taken down or try out goole+…IDK but thanks for the subs anyway

  • MarikoJurina

    Can’t you reupload it in private just like the old ones?

  • Jervies Mariano

    Yeah we’ll re-upload it as soon as our uploader gets back from school 😀 dont worry peeps itll be a few more hours till then!

  • I won’t be able to reupload it to DM since the video are now blacklisted, but I will try Vimeo and see what if that works.


  • regy

    please do something beb..

  • Need more release

  • IndecisiveWota

    Hooray for Mama subs 😀

  • Guest

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  • Yogis Wara

    anu, is anyone know the title of the song at the end credit?

    • Lukmanul Hakim

      Itano Tomomi – 1%

      • Yogis Wara